Our Vision

New Mexico children access the best education in the world to prepare them for lifelong success.

The Learning Alliance believes that the children of New Mexico should have access to the best education possible. We will work together to ensure that all students in New Mexico—regardless of race, cultural heritage, academic ability, location, or economic class—have choices upon high school graduation that allow them to fully participate in their communities, the workplace, and across the multi-national state of New Mexico.


Our Mission

To create an effective, community-focused, transformative education sector in New Mexico.

Learning Alliance fulfills its mission by providing the following:

  •  Trustworthy Information: Increase the effectiveness of leaders and reform efforts by providing credible, trustworthy resources and data analysis.
  •  Learning Opportunities: Utilize webinars, learning circles, and leadership development on critical education issues to make informed decisions at the school, district, and state levels.
  •  Dynamic Networks: Build public will by supporting the development and mobilization of networks around shared agendas and values.
  •  Collective Leadership and Collective Impact: Facilitate coordinated strategies to improve education and address issues important to communities.


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