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Together We Can

Together We Can

As described in Positioning For The Possible, a report from the New Mexico Association of Grantmakers, New Mexico needs a stronger education reform culture and infrastructure. The Learning Alliance is designed to provide a place for:

  • Thoughtful discussions on education issues that are not dominated by the political context.
  • Building upon our knowledge and coordinating our work to use resources as effectively as possible.
  • Local communities and their school boards to become more informed about options for driving toward improved student achievement and school performance.
  • Drawing on our multiculturalism to design innovations and initiatives.

The Learning Alliance will provide four core resources and opportunities.

  • Trustworthy Information: Increase effectiveness of reform efforts and leaders by providing credible, trustworthy resources and data analysis.
  • Learning Opportunities: Utilize webinars, learning circles, and leadership development on critical issues to make informed decisions at the school, district, and state levels.
  • Dynamic Networks: Build public will by supporting the development and mobilization of networks around shared agendas.
  • Collective Leadership and Collective Impact: Facilitate coordinated strategies to improve education and address issues important to communities.

The Learning Alliance is a unique model designed to support dialogue on education issues at both the local and state levels. To that end, the Learning Alliance will work in partnership with local community organizations and networks of education reformers.

Our first phase of work is to expand access to independent resources and knowledge about education issues so that we do not have to depend solely on the policy agenda developed by state government. Our second phase of work will be to engage communities in clarifying their vision for education for their children. Finally, we will begin to develop design teams to shape policy ideas and initiatives. The design teams will draw from many cultures, using processes that are respectful of different ways of learning and knowing, and will seek out educational strategies that best take advantage of the state’s assets and address the unique history and needs of our communities.

The Learning Alliance welcomes your thoughts, ideas, and feedback—midcourse adjustments are expected as we build the organization. We hope to create an organization for all the extraordinary leaders across our state to share their ideas and work together to provide our children the best education the world has to offer.