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ESSA Stakeholder Engagement


Through the Every Student Succeeds Act, ESSA, New Mexicans have the opportunity to share their voices and guide future plans for local public education.

In partnership with the New Mexico School Superintendents’ Association, the New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools and the University of New Mexico Center for Education Policy and Research (UNM CEPR), Learning Alliance launched a locally-designed toolkit to facilitate stakeholder engagement focus groups throughout New Mexico.

Read the policy review that analyzes ESSA through our Values Framework.


More than 4,000 New Mexicans responded to the locally-designed process. Read a summary of input in the UNM CEPR report below.


Through the leadership of the New Mexico Association for the Education of Young Children, NMAEYC, a group of Early Childhood Educators created a letter connecting ESSA opportunities to local recommendations.


Review the crosswalk analysis comparing the NMPED document New Mexico Rising Together – Fifty Responses to Feedback from Our Communities “What We Heard” items to sections of the Stakeholder Feedback Report and Early Childhood letter above.


Thank you to the NMPTA for inviting Learning Alliance to present at the NMPTA state conference, where we outlined how findings from the ESSA Stakeholder Feedback Report align with the PTA’s National Standards for Family-School Partnerships. Click here to read the document.


Watch the video below to learn more about ESSA. 


Community-Led Recommendations – Alternate Assessment

Following up on the Stakeholder Engagement Report and Senate Joint Memorial 1, Learning Alliance presented alternate assessment research to the Legislative Education Study Committee, LESC, November 16, 2017.


Learning Alliance also presented a crosswalk that aligns the Alternate Assessment Report with the Stakeholder Engagement Report and “No Time to Lose: How to Build a World-Class Education System State by State” –  created by the National Conference of State Legislatures – which the LESC has studied during the 2017 interim.


Media Coverage

Albuquerque Journal article – April 11, 2017

Letter to the Editor – published in Albuquerque Journal and Santa Fe New Mexican

ESSA discussion on NM in Focus


Listen to a Radio Interview with Generation Justice (starting at 26:40)


Watch a webinar about how ESSA can connect to Early Childhood Education



Full Toolkit PDF

Why Use the Toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

Step by Step Guide to Use the Toolkit

Guiding Principles and Protocols

ESSA Overview Video Link

Focus Group Questions – Students

Focus Group Questions – Family and Community Members

Focus Group Questions – Educators

Focus Group Questions – Combined (English)

Focus Group Questions – Combined (Spanish)

Focus Group Questions – Combined (Vietnamese)

Focus Group Questions – Combined (Farsi)

Focus Group Questions – Combined (Arabic)

Facilitator Guide

Note Taker Guide – Students

Note Taker Guide – Family and Community Members

Note Taker Guide – Educators

Note Taker Guide – Combined

Facilitator and Note Taker Training Video Link

Participant Agreement Form

Sheet

Stakeholder Input Return Form

Strategies for Leaders to Host Focus Groups

Tribal Consultation Best Practices

Tribal Consultation Request Letter

Tribe, Nation and Pueblo Contact Information – Updated November 10th

Crosswalk with EPSS and Stakeholder Input

Local Press Release Template

Other Resources (General)

Other Resources (Foster Youth and Juvenile Justice)

Other Resources (NM First)

Community Forums

Learn about scheduled meetings near you.

Community Reports (NM First)