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Learning Opportunities

Learning Opps

In order to improve our children’s education, we must do a lot of learning ourselves. This does not mean just reviewing research or knowing what other states are doing. In the same way that we want our children to learn to apply their skills—sometimes referred to as deeper knowledge—we will take what we learn about educational issues and apply it toward designing education policies and initiatives that make sense for New Mexico.

There are many ways we can engage in learning together: with our friends, with our colleagues, in diverse community gatherings, or in statewide workgroups. We can do it in face-to-face events or through digital tools such as webinars, conference calls, and online research. Learning Opps can be quick or organized to be sustained over several months. They can draw on local knowledge, as well as national expertise.

Below are several types of Learning Opps.  We have Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tools to help you organize learning opportunities in your own community.

The Value Framework will help you create guiding questions. You can use Spotlight on Education to find resources. When a topic is rising to statewide debate, you will be able to find discussions on the blog. We will also be building a Learning Alliance wiki to make it easy to share resources and tools.