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Values and Vision


Education is important to every community across New Mexico. Our ability to support learning, for children, as well as adults, is vital for economic development, environmental sustainability, and the health and prosperity of families. Learning is an essential ingredient for navigating our changing world.  See our Organizational Overview & Strategic Start-up Plan in-brief to learn more.

In the past, we have tried to adapt national models to the unique dynamics of our state and history, but with little to show for our efforts. This has left our state lagging behind, hampering the well-being of our children and communities.

We need to improve education by designing strategies that build on our strengths and assets. (More)

Our Vision and Mission

The Learning Alliance believes that the children of New Mexico should have access to the best education possible. We will work together to ensure that all students in New Mexico—regardless of race, cultural heritage, academic ability, location, or economic class—have choices upon high school graduation that allow them to fully participate in their communities, the workplace, and across the multi-national state of New Mexico.  (More)

Our Values

The Learning Alliance has adopted the following Value Framework to assess the potential of educational reforms:

  • Equity
  • World View
  • Holistic
  • Asset-Based- Innovation
  • Respect
  • Urgency


 Using the Value Framework

There are always multiple ways to approach an educational issue or reform. Too often, reforms are introduced into New Mexico with minimal thought about whether it is the right approach for our state. The values developed by the Learning Alliance help us think critically and creatively, so that we can design reforms that make sense for our communities and our children.  (More)