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Education is important to every community across New Mexico. Our ability to support learning, for children as well as adults, is vital for economic development, environmental sustainability, and the health and prosperity of families. Learning is an essential ingredient for navigating our changing world. See our Organizational Overview & Strategic Start-up Plan in-brief to learn more.

In the past, we have tried to adapt national models to the unique dynamics of our state and history, but with little to show for our efforts. This has left our state lagging behind, hampering the well-being of our children and communities.

We need to improve education by designing strategies that build on our strengths and assets. It is imperative that we consider our cultural and linguistic diversity; our multiculturalism with 22 sovereign Tribes and shared border with Mexico; our industry base shaped by science and technology, agriculture, oil and gas, and tourism; and the geography across the state. We need to ensure that adults of New Mexico have the information they need to make informed decisions about education and the support they need to excel in their roles. The future of education in New Mexico lies in our hands.  It is our cooperative responsibility to build a shared vision across communities that will produce the best educational outcomes for all children.

The Learning Alliance developed this set of values to drive our discussion on educational issues.  We hope that you will have conversations among your colleagues, friends and across your communities about what values are most important to consider in designing, selecting, and adapting educational strategies.